How does the Suncoast Creations Layaway Program work?

The Suncoast Creations Lay-Away Program was set up to allow customers to put away a little pit of money at a time to save up for your dream upgrade. Many customers have taken advantage of the simple payment plan. We’ve had customers diligently make a $25 payment every payday until they saved enough for their new hood. Others drop some spare bucks in from time to time. Regardless, we are happy to provide this service for you to use. We’ve also had customers that, unfortunately, have changed their plans for various reasons and received 100% of their layway money back.

Here are the highlights and instructions on how to use our simple layaway plan in our online store. To start your layaway today simply <click here>

Suncoast Creations Layaway.

– NO Interest

– NO Mandatory Monthly Payments

– NO need to beg your better half for all the money up front

Suncoast Automotive Performance is pleased to announce our new product lay away program. Simply add funds into your layaway account when ever you want. There is no mandatory payment schedule. You can add as little or as much as you desire. Your deposited funds will be 100% credited toward the purchase price of any products available on our website and all funds are completely refundable should you change your mind. This program also locks in your hood price so you’re protected against price increases.

Instructions to set up or make a payment to your LayAway Account: (please read all instructions before proceeding)

First, be sure that your shopping cart is empty.
From this page, adjust the quantity to equal the dollar amount you would like to deposit ($25 minimum, please)
Click the “Add to Cart” button.
Now go to your shopping cart and check out using your credit card.
For example is you would like to pay $99 toward your LayAway account, change quantity above to 99 and then add the cart. Once you have the quantity set to the dollar amount you would like to pay, proceed with your checkout. Your credit card will be charged and your account will register the amount paid.
Processing through our shopping cart will require a credit card. If you would prefer, you can take advantage of this exclusive offer by sending us a letter with your check or money order to our Florida office.
When the shipping selection window appears, select the method you believe you’ll use when we ship your product.
If you would like to lock in a price on your desired product, you need to email us with the list of products you want. We’ll enter a layaway sales order into our production system complete with price, shipping and taxes (if applicable).

When you are ready to close out your LayAway and have your products shipped, simply send us an email or phone our office (941-755-7739). We’ll confirm you final balance (with shipping and taxes), the products to ship, and the shipping address. A few days later, you’ll have your products.

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