The FIT and ease of INSTALLATION

Our hoods are designed to fit as well as an OEM steel hood. Our hoods are true bolt on products so there is little or no cutting or trimming or filling, etc. to get them to fit. You bolt on the SUNCOAST hood as you would bolt on a replacement hood direct from the vehicle manufacturer.

There is more to this question that needs to be addressed. We used to own a body shop and have been through all the challenges entailed in this line of work. Every vehicle is put together a little differently when assembled at different plants so even a steel factory replacement hood may need some adjusting when being installed. Naturally the body shop technician will work the OEM hood into place without much griping because they know it fits. However, give them an aftermarket part to install and if it doesnt fall right into place many body shop techs will blame the part and not their repair work. This is understandable because there has been and still are a lot of low quality parts out there. When you shop for a body shop, be sure to get the body shop managers opinion and feel for doing the work. If they have a negative opinion in general, they will most likely quote you much more money than it costs to paint and install an OEM hood. We also recommend that you use a body shop that has a nice paint booth, preferably with a down draft system. They generally have better equipment which keeps out debris, water and other impurities when painting. As far as prepping our hoods, we recommend that the body shop sand all the shininess from the gelcoat finish and use a cleaning agent to wipe off the hood to clean up any release agents on the surface that transfers from our molds. They then should block sand a couple of times for a nice smooth surface before priming and painting. Pretty much as the same standard procedure when prepping an OEM steel hood.

We sell thousands of hoods a year and occasionally have to walk a body shop through the paint and install process. Typically though, when a body shop receives our hood they appreciate the quality and paint and install it without any complaints. As mentioned before, OUR HOODS FIT, GUARANTEED! We couldnt sell so many every year if they didnt. Check out our installation instructions if you still have questions.

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