What is a Suncoast Creations FUNCTIONAL RAM AIR HOOD?

There are basically three types of hoods in the marketplace. There are hoods that do not have any openings or cutouts and are for appearance only. There are hoods that are advertised and sold as ram air hoods, have openings to let air in which blows into the engine compartment but cant be made functional without some major modifications and still cannot be driven in the rain without dumping water all over the engine. Finally there are FUNCTIONAL RAM AIR HOODS which channels the cooler denser air being rammed in through the openings in the scoops into an air intake system and thus into the combustion chamber to create ADDITIONAL HORSEPOWER and BETTER GAS MILEAGE.

All of our hoods are designed and manufactured to be functional. When designing a new hood we first determine the look we want to create making sure the design flows with the lines and curves of the vehicle. Once the style is set we then determine the best way to channel the air flow to meet up with an air box application and also be able to channel rain water away from the engine and electrical parts. If possible we will design the hood to be MULTIFUNCTIONAL by incorporating optional heat extractors into the design. Some of the designs we create channel the air directly to the factory air box and with only a minor modification to open the stock air box into the engine. Other designs require the purchase of one of our high flow air boxes to capture the maximum flow of air. If you have already purchased an aftermarket cold air induction kit you may want to only purchase the hood which would allow you to enjoy the aggressive styling in all weather conditions and force additional cooler air from the the ram air duct openings onto the air filter of your cold air induction kit. You can always purchase our air box system in the future if you choose. For more information see “Why Ram Air” and “Why Suncoast”

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