Suncoast Creations Sealed Air Boxes

The ultimate in performance is where a sealed air path is created so the pressure generated by the forward motion is forced into the air system. All Suncoast hoods offer a sealed path from the scoop inlet on the top to the hood outlet on the bottom but from that point on, the level of “seal” depends completely on the installation. When we interface to the stock air box, the configuration maintains a sealed air path into the air box. When a cold air intake is used the level of “seal” depends on the design of the cold air intake, its heat shield and the filter location. If your cold air intake is in the same location as the outlet of the hood (which is usually the same location as the stock air box) you’ve met the first criteria gate. If your CAI has heat shields that can be trimmed (or extended) to just “kiss” the underside of the hood around the hood’s air outlet you’ve made it through the second gate. The best cold air intake configurations have heat shields surrounding the bottom and sides, leaving the top open for our hood output. Of course, the heat shield will also have an air inlet for the stock air path, which is fine. At low speeds, you’ve got double the air inlet volume for that cold air intake. At speed, you’ve got cold air being blasted in from above and sucked in from the stock air path.

Even if your CAI has no heat shields you will gain a performance advantage in that the hood will blow cold air onto your filter from above while the normal intake path will be open from the side or bottom. The effect is much like blowing on the coals of a camp fire. They always glow brighter due to the increase in air flow. Your CAI will gain in a similar manner. Also, the added air flow pushes away the hot air from the engine compartment to give you the best chance for true cold air entering you intake.

If your CAI’s filter is in a wheel well instead of the engine compartment, like many Mustangs and the Cobalt SS, you have decision to make. Try it as is or customize you intake to bring it inside the engine compartment to gain from the boost from the hood. This can be done with or without heat shields. The Cobalt SS picture gallery shows one such custom intake set up. (Jump to Cobalt.)

I always suggest to anyone who has already invested in a CAI to just get the hood and try it with the cold air intake they have. If you feel you still need a better sealed air path, you can customize what you’ve got, get a different brand CAI that is in the proper location and does have good heat shields, or, on many models, you can even go back to the stock air box configuration. Bottom line is don’t spend the extra money until you are sure you need to.

  • With sealed air boxes you will have better air flow with a lower air temp for more horse power gains.
  • Suncoast Creations sealed air boxes give better results than any other typical CAI.
  • Suncoast Creations ram air hoods will work with many factory cold air boxes for easy applications.
  • Suncoast Creations offers sealed air boxes for all hoods manufactured for the best overall results.
  • Proven results with our state of the art CAI sealed air boxes.
  • All Suncoast Creations CAI sealed air boxes are designed to give the most obtainable power increases.
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