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Articles discussing technical aspects of functional ram air, cowl induction, vehicle performance, and anything else we find might be instrcuctional to the gear heads out there.

How does the Suncoast Creations Layaway Program work?

The Suncoast Creations Lay-Away Program was set up to allow customers to put away a little pit of money at a time to save up for your dream upgrade. Many customers have taken advantage of the simple payment plan. We’ve … Continue reading

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The FIT and ease of INSTALLATION

Our hoods are designed to fit as well as an OEM steel hood. Our hoods are true bolt on products so there is little or no cutting or trimming or filling, etc. to get them to fit. You bolt on … Continue reading

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Can you tell me how much MPG gain I can expect with a Suncoast Creations functional ram air hood?

It is impossible to give an exact value because your results depend on many factors. A true functional ram air hood improves the performance of your ride in the same way a supercharger or turbocharger boosts the air inlet pressure … Continue reading

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